Update to one of my posts.

I just went and edited a post and wanted to update stuff on it. My shoe lift works great in the new shoe. I didn’t even notice it there this time whereas with my old sneakers if I took it out and put it back in I could tell. I won’t be able to leave J home alone like I had thought. So no fun shopping for me. I’ll have to do some online shopping then. I can’t remember if I wrote why I had blood work done, I’m sure I did though. I’ll add more here if I need to because I don’t remember what else I wanted to write. Sigh.


Trying word press app again.

Day 7. We’ve watched all 8 of the movies. And we’re going to start the twilight movies this weekend. I’m also ordering all 7 books for J and I to share and read. I get to read first since I’ve never read them before. Haha. He used to have them but I don’t know what happened when he was moving everything he owns around a bunch of times before going to my apartment in 2010.

Tomorrow (today really) is his knee surgery. I will be tired tomorrow for sure. I’m waking up at 545 to get ready because the surgery is at 645. I’m nervous. I’ll admit I’m scared and nervous. This is all new to us. Tomorrow I want us to take a picture of us before surgery. Lol.

Good night world. I’ll be back later on today with updates if there’s anyone that is curious about that.

I love you J. Good luck.

Day 6.

Our vacation (staycation?) is half over now. I was going to post daily with what we’ve done each day but I don’t think about my WordPress blog that much. I want to go through and edit my posts one day soon. I make a lot of typos but then it’s hard to go and edit it while I’m typing it.  Maybe Thursday after J’s knee surgery. Once we get home I won’t be doing anything except staying at home and checking on J and bringing him whatever he may need. Why is WordPress so annoying to use??? I should see if there’s been an update on their app and try it again. When I’m on the computer, the text box doesn’t come up when I first click it. I have to go back and start over. The same thing when I use safari on the iPad. Then the other problems when I use safari are when I type, it won’t type my letters sometimes. I have to click post then edit and resume typing. If I try to go back and edit an entry on the iPad, I can’t put the cursor where I need to but I can do that on other websites or when I type anything anywhere else for that matter. Or the boxes on the bottom of this page were in the text box one time and then I couldn’t see anything that I was typing. It’s just full of bugs everywhere. I have very few problems with live journal. I can use the app on my phone or iPad. I can use safari on here for it. I used to have problems with LJ if I accessed the site through safari on the phone but I think that’s been fixed. Then I have zero problems if I use their site on the computer. So that’s why I probably use LJ way more than WordPress. But I use LJ for private posts and was trying to do a public blog this year. Who knows, I might abandon the public blog. I love documenting my life and being able to go back and read what I was doing at any point in time in the past 12 years of my life though.

So! Back to the staycation. Day 2. We did nothing. Day 3. J went golfing with P and then they came back here and played video games til P left in J’s car around 8pm. Oh!!! I forgot day 2 is when we started watching all the Harry Potter movies. We’ve watched 1-6 now. So since J isn’t going to need his car while he’s on disability P will borrow it during that time. We watched movie 1 on day 2 and movie 2 on day 3. Day 4 was Sunday and J went to the comic shop and then came and picked me up and we went to frisbee. I used to go but had never been to a Sunday game. I always liked going and reading a book in the sun. After that we watched move 3. Day 5 we drove to Fort Myers Beach so I could finally go in the Silver Witch store and buy some sort of jewelry. I had tried going there twice last year I think and they were closed both times. But they were open yesterday and I bought a new bracelet. image

I love it! It’s so cute and dainty. The owner still gives a FL resident discount too so I was happy for the savings there. We stopped at P’s old Walgreens to get crutches and a refill for me. Then we went home and watched movies 4 and 5. Today for day 6, we woke up early and went to an early movie at AMC since they’re only $5 then. We saw The Heat, it’s funny but wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. It’s not a movie I’ll need to buy but I’m glad we went and saw it. We went to Famous Footwear afterwards (I think that’s the name of the shoe store haha) and I bought new balance sneakers. I wanted sketchers but the sole isn’t easily removable and I need to be able to get the shoe lift in there. The soles in the sketchers are glued down whereas the new balance ones are removable so that was why I went with them over the sketchers. I used to buy a pair based on how they looked but now the most important thing to me is being able to get the shoe lift in there. It makes me mad that I went so many years with my left hip clicking and shifting out of place for no reason. My doctor in 2005 told me there wasn’t any thing wrong with me. He was the doctor who treated me for the hip dysplasia as a baby til I was 4 so he knew my history. I always wondered if he said that because he didn’t want it to come back and bite him in the ass if his treatment then caused me problems as an adult. He finally gave me physical therapy but then I lost my insurance after 6 weeks of therapy so I stopped trying to fix it. Fast forward to 2011 and I go to a new type of doctor and he’s good at his job but doesn’t let me talk and say my whole answer if he’s asked a question. But he gives me medicines and gave me PT and that led to the shoe lift and knee braces and ankle brace which have all improved my life. I use the shoe lift all the time but I’m guilty as chargued on not wearing the braces as often as I need to. They were interfering with me being able to work the way I’m used to working. And I know my managers will help me but I still don’t want to need the help. So I don’t wear them and I have pain in my knees and maybe one day my ankle will dislocate. Fun things to look forward to.

So after buying shoes we went to Kohl’s and looked at clothes. I only found one of pair of shorts that I liked and were in my size. I didn’t look through their shirts too much but I think I’ll go back after payday. Hopefully they will have new sales. The picture frame sales were buy 1 get 1 50% off and I want 30%-50% off that they do often on them. And then I want to go in Michael’s and Office Depot. I can do that this weekend, I’m sure I can leave J home alone by the weekend. Day 6 ended with us watching movie 6! Tomorrow we might watch 7 and 8 since Thursday he might be sleeping all day or be too stoned to be able to pay attention. Lol


Here’s my wonderful shoe lift. We’ll have to see if I need to keep it as is or if I’ll need a new one. I go to the doctor on Monday to see what my blood work says and hopefully he has a magic fix to fix it. Lots of boring updates. Maybe day 7 will be more interesting. Here’s a cool picture from the 4th. image

I might print it out and find a fun frame for it or make a collage picture with it. I have a picture of J in the driveway where it’s all red and smokey. That could look good together. Good night!

Day 1 over.

We went to Lake Placid and saw my uncle and aunt. Yay. Talked to my dad. Then we came home and lit some leftover fireworks we’ve had for 2 years. I really need to buy some new sneakers. The ones I have now are ready to fall apart. I’ll have to look online and see what’s out there. I’m off work for 12 days. What am I going to do for the next 11 days?? J is off work for 7 weeks. He’s going to get so bored. I know the 11th, 12th and 15th are going to be filled with driving around to dr appointments and stuff like that but all the other days, no idea. I might go to my dad’s Saturday to Monday. I already have my schedule for the week I go back to work. I’m closing on that Thursday. I HATE CLOSING. Oh well. Hopefully it’s not like that after that week. I don’t mind if it doesn’t keep happening but in the past it’ll keep happening until I say something about it. So annoying. Well I’m going to go sit with J and read my book.