1 week down!!!!

Only 5 more to go. He’s doing great, he can bend his knee to 90° already which the PT Saudis awesome.
I worked 2-11 last night and I was so sore by the end of my shift. I almost dislocated my left ankle last night I think. Or would have twisted it really bad. I was squatting and trying to face products on the bottom shelf. And I turned my body to try to get something on my right and my shoes stayed in place and I was trying to twist and bend my ankles and it hurt. I stopped before something bad happened. They were both sore after that too. I almost did the same thing with my shoulder a few weeks ago. And last night. I’m going to have to be extra careful from now on I guess. It seems like I am stressing my joints more now and they’re all loose so they can dislocate easily. My PT in 2011 told me several times, I need to be careful and to always wear my ankle brace because I’m likely to dislocate one of my ankles,because of how they bend.

So today I’m going to wear my ankle brace. Or try to at least. I only work 4 hours today. I should go get ready for work.


More movies.

Pirates of the Caribbean
40 Year Virgin
Super Mario Brothers
O Brother where art thou
And right now Hancock is in there.

Update to one of my posts.

I just went and edited a post and wanted to update stuff on it. My shoe lift works great in the new shoe. I didn’t even notice it there this time whereas with my old sneakers if I took it out and put it back in I could tell. I won’t be able to leave J home alone like I had thought. So no fun shopping for me. I’ll have to do some online shopping then. I can’t remember if I wrote why I had blood work done, I’m sure I did though. I’ll add more here if I need to because I don’t remember what else I wanted to write. Sigh.


I want to keep a list of movies we watch during this time.

Van Helsing.
The Dark Knight Returns.
Independence Day.
Sherlock Holmes (the first one.)

I’m thinking the next one will be a comedy.

Day 2 post op.

J has been home almost 48 hours now. It’s been a long two days. We’re both sleeping in 2-3 hour blocks. Though last night I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night, so I slept about 7 hours? But I did wake up a few times on my own. He finished his oral antibiotics. It was only 24 hours that he had to take them. His first physical therapy appt was yesterday morning and afterwards, he said he felt really good and you could see it in his movements too. He got in the backseat of the car quickly and easily. He scooted into his position and got his leg where it needs to sit. He’s having a hard time today with the exercises. I’m so worried his recovery time is going to be longer because he doesn’t want to push himself with the exercises. I’ll see how it goes the next few days and see how his PT goes Monday morning and see if they think I need to push him harder. I go back to work Tuesday and will be gone 5 hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Then Thursday I will be gone 10 hours. I’m nervous about that. I don’t know if someone needs to be here on the short days but someone definelty needs to be here Thursday. He’ll need to work on his exercises then and someone will need to take his brace off and back on for him and bring him ice packs. Hopefully P can come over. JP might come stay with us too, that’d be nice to see my little bro bro!! And to know I always have an extra hand. I’ve gotta work on laundry today or tomorrow. I need to get up and turn the AC up, it’s really cold in here since its raining today. I am just being lazy though. I had to do my own PT exercises last night, I could feel my muscles were tightening up from not being active for 2 days much. I’ve only been getting up when he needs something or I have to go to the bathroom. His parents came over last night for a few hours so I could shower and go to the store. I needed dog food and cat litter. Plus press and seal Saran Wrap when he wants to try to shower. Plus a removeable shower head to help with that. I had to buy stuff to build our own big ice packs. I still need to make them. I bought a bunch of drinks for him too. He didn’t ask for any special foods though, he’s only eaten crackers and toast the past two days. We have stuff here and I told him I’ll make him whatever he wants but he hasn’t requested anything. I feel so bad for him. My big strong fiancé is completely immobile and helpless. We’re both seeing different sides of each other now and we’re spending all our time together now. He’s told me thank you several times and I tell him anytime, just lets not do this again. Lol, I told him if it has to happen again, I’ll take care of him of course, but lets just try to avoid any and all injuries. He agreed. You can see he gets frustrated by this. I love him so much and it’s so hard to see him in any sort of pain. It’s hard dealing with the dog too, he keeps wanting to jump up there with him. He’s getting better at listening to us though when we tell him no though. He’s also choosing to just lay on my couch automatically. It’s still a chore though to get him to stay out of the way when J is walking to the bathroom. J had me put him outside this morning and when I came back inside he was trying to get up. Lol, he hadn’t told me he was going to get up!! But the dog stayed outside for about 4 hours then and was quiet the whole time so that worked out this time. I should go. Gotta get up!