My selfish page.

I’m supposed to put stuff here all about me. I’m in my 30’s, that’s exciting information. Engaged. I have 2 degrees from a community college. I almost finished a degree from FGCU then I just sort of stopped going 2 years ago. I keep thinking I should go back and finish. Maybe one day. We have 1 cat and 1 dog. When we move, we’ll add more cats and maybe another dog to the mix. Hopefully when we move it’ll be into a house that we own. I’d love to be a homeowner one day. I love reading and taking photographs and framing them and I love pens and I love DIY but don’t do nearly enough. I love writing down everything that happens in my life, I love the documentation of it and being able to look up a specific day in my life. I love having an iPhone and being able to easily take photos now. Now I add photos to my posts. I also try to not use anyone’s names on here and just use their initials for their privacy. My fiancĂ© J says he doesn’t care what I put out there about him. Hopefully I’ll start writing about the wedding planning I’m supposed to be doing.


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