Payday and four days off from work.

Today is payday! I need to figure out what bills are getting paid and decide on how much everyone is getting, I have a lot of medical bills now. Blah. And more to come in 2014. Hopefully my new insurance will be better than 2013’s insurance.

After that, I decide on what fun stuff I’m going to get this time around. I know I need to order cake pans for my mom and then I’m going to order yet more stuff from the born pretty store. I got some star studs in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to try them out. I went with silver.

And I’m still waiting on these in black.

I’m not sure what I’m going to order next. I know I’m getting another one of these:

But as for what I want for nail art? Nooooo idea. So many decisions.

Tomorrow is J’s birthday. Well in 1.5 hours. Lol, I’m one of those people who wait up til midnight and am like haaaaaaaapy birthday. Then at midnight on my birthday I’m like I want my presents! Speaking of presents, I’m going to my dad’s on Sunday for us to exchange gifts. I’m staying the night and coming back on Monday. I got 4 days off from work and am putting them to good use. Well Sunday and Monday anyways. Today I did nothing. And tomorrow is my normal day off but is J’s birthday so the day should be put to good use.

Oh… I guess I do need to put today to good use and clean the litter box. And take the garbage out.


I didn’t come back.

I took my shower. It was a decent shower. Lol. I wasn’t too bad in the pain department. Like a 6 and was at a 9/10 before the shower. I think I need a scale of 0-15 because some days I feel like my pain is at a 10 but that that my 10 is worse than other peoples 10. But II guess I could say my 10 is really bad… I can say that I rarely go below 3. 3 are my best days and it’s never a day, it’s like a few hours here and an hour there where the pain is a 3.

I’m tired. Good night.


I need to go to sleep. It’s 2 am and I have to wake up at 8am. I don’t think my pill has kicked in. I work 9-5 tomorrow. J is picking me to take me home. And then I’m off for two days. Next week, I’m off Saturday (part of the 2 days), Monday and Friday. Monday I go and see my PCP and see how he’ll say nothing helpful to me and he’ll do nothing and it’ll be a waste of money. Then Friday I go to the neurologist and hopefully he says I’m all fine and can drive again.

The house stinks. I want our next house to have tile everywhere. I am not dealing with cleaning carpets ever again. Hopefully the house will be able to have a kitchen that can be closed to keep Sylar out of it.

I am depressed over everything. Good night.




The last post was medium sized pictures…. Trying out large here.


Yes, every post needs pictures of Kreasy.

I think I need to buy some worm medicine for Kreasy and Sylar too. Payday can not get here soon enough. I have so many bills I need to pay. I think our Internet was due on the 9th and I don’t think we paid it this month.