Long day.

This has been a long day. I went to work from 830-4. And then came home and showered quickly then we drove to dinner at the beach. My wings were really good. I shouldn’t have ordered any fries though. And it’s only 11pm now. The day isn’t over yet. OMG. I’m in bed so it’s not like it won’t end soon. Lol. I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping today. I bought a bag of dog food. That reminds me I should text J and see if he’ll feed the dog before he comes to bed. Lol. I’m in bed already so I can’t do it. Anywho….. I bought a hot pink lightening cord for my iPad. A thing of cookies, 5 bottles of nail polish and.. Something I can’t say because it’s a gift for someone.

J and I are both off tomorrow. He’s taking Saturdays off every week from now on so that we have a day off together and can work on cleaning the house, packing the house and the worst one of all… Fixing the house. Cause we have broke the hell out of this house. I must have made an impression last night because he told me today about something else to try to remove the odors and stains in the carpet. He said pour vinegar and lots of baking soda but leave it all there for 2 days and then you’ll see the baking soda turn colors from absorbing the stains. I hope so. I think I can try it tomorrow because I think we have some already. We’d have to buy giant sizes of both if it works but we can try it and see what happens on Monday or Tuesday.

Well I think it’s time to sleep.


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