Work is over.

I am home and in bed. Aw man, I forgot to pour out my monster. It’s sitting on the cosmetics counter. And the AC was off all day since we weren’t home and so the animal odors are stronger right now in the house. And I can smell it in the bedroom. I hate the smell!!!!!!!!!! J said tonight I don’t do anything to make it better. I asked him what am I supposed to do, rip the carpet up? I would if I could. I told him I would get rid of the pets if I could. I always said when I lived alone if I had a pet that went to the bathroom all over the house, I wouldn’t keep them. And I have tried. I have cleaned up after the dog immediately and have cleaned the litter box daily but I get tired of doing those all the time and being the only one. I’ve cleaned the carpet so many times and it’ll help but only if I spend forever on one little spot. And it’s the entire living and dining room plus the master bedroom hallway. My back starts to hurt after about an hour of sitting on the floor with the steam cleaner. We’ve rented a Publix steamer and had Stanley cleaners here and they helped but not enough and the smell didn’t go away completely. And I’m sure if we had had Stanley cleaners here two or three times that it would have made a huge difference but they were here once and then what happens? The dog goes right back to doing it again and I’m sure the cat too. So then the other thing I’ve done is I’ve moved furniture around to cover up the empty floor space and then when the dog started going in new spots, I put cardboard all over the room. I am living like an insane person but it drives me even more insane otherwise. We have two months left and I don’t know even know what to do. I told J that when it comes time for the walk through I won’t be here. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to deal with them and the bad news.

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggg. So frustrated about this.

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