Long day.

I went to bed late yesterday and had to be at work by 10am so I didn’t get a lot of sleep and so I was really tired today at work. I bought 2 Monsters and drank 1.5 while I was at work. I poured out the rest of the 2nd one when I got home after 6pm. Those monsters are why I am still awake right now I guess. And tomorrow it’ll be the same thing. It’s after 3am and I work at 10am. I am also skipping my sleeping pill since it still effects me 8 hours later and I don’t want to be “under the influence” when I go to work tomorrow. So instead I’m trying just my muscle relaxers but I think feel like they should have worked by now and they haven’t. So I don’t know how much sleep I’m getting.

So my long day was like this…. 10-545 instead of 10-5 and I was tired. I get home after 6. There is a dead R word in the entry area (foyer? But it’s weird to say that in FL) and then dog poop so those 2 things make me want to clean the whole house. I take the dog out. He started barking and I can never get him to come inside at night and so I tricked him inside with wet dog food. That still took a little bit but it finally worked. Once we got inside, I started cleaning. I was vacuuming from like 9-1045ish and I didn’t even finish. When I vacuum I go a little overboard. I go over the area I want to vacuum. Then I decide I need to use the hose to get along the edges of the wall since it doesn’t get along there when it’s upright. Which causes me to also do the top part of the baseboards. They get dirty too. Then I had started on the side of the house where 3 of the bedrooms are, all in the same hallway. So I see that the doors have dust on them too. So I vacuum the doors, the walls and ceiling as needed, the tops of the baseboards and then the edges of the carpet. There are 5 doors total in this hallway. I did part of my computer room but I wanted to do the whole room later on but I could see bits of stuff under the door so of course I had to open the door and get part of the room so that when the door is closed, it looked clean. I did the whole hallway and pretty much the whole living room. Including most of the baseboards in there too. There are 3 rugs in there too and a coffee table and pool table. So I used the hose to go around the table legs too of course. And the bottom of the tv because it had pet hair on this little ledge. Oh and there was dog hair for some reason in a long pile along the edge of the couch so had to use the hose there too. And then when I’m using the hose I notice that there is still stuff on the already vacuumed parts of the carpet (in both the hallway and living room) so of course I’m using the hose to get those pieces too. That’s why it took me almost 2 hours to do just the living room and hallway. Oh and I did do parts of the kitchen too.

At 1040 J got home. So I vacuumed a few more minutes and turned it off. Which was my plan anyways. I cleaned stuff from 6whatever to 9ish and then vacuumed til he got home. And I figured then I would rest.

NOPE! J is allowed to do his running exercises now. As of today. And I told him when he started I would try doing it with him since it starts out easy and builds up. I figured I could at least do a few weeks of running while it was still easy for me. I didn’t know he would actually start today since he worked tonight. Imagine my surprise when he asked did I want to go running with him. I had worked almost 9 hours. Had been cleaning and vacuuming (the worst part there was when I was bent over using the hose) for about 4 hours. And I was purposely not ever sitting while I cleaned. I knew if i I did I wouldn’t get back up. But I figured that I could rest around 11 once J was home. But he wanted to go running. So I went with him. It was only for about 20 minutes. But I was so out of breath that it took me 45 minutes before I could take a shower (well part of that time, J was in there).

Now it’s after midnight. I decide I’m going to watch a tv show, remove my nail polish and then paint my nails. So I didn’t get into bed until after 2! Why didn’t I just go to bed after my shower? I had had a long day. It could have ended at 1230. Why?!?

Oh yeah, because I was tired at work and drank those energy drinks.

The end. I’m going to try to sleep now.

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