Tomorrow is Sunday.

And that means I have to work at 8am. I hate 8am days. I painted my nails tonight. I did red, white and blue in a patchwork design* with the black stitches. Each nail is different. I don’t like how 9 of them look. I really like my right thumb nail. Lol. I did a red stripe on the right side of the nail and then when I do the blue I did a stripe on the left side, leaving white in the middle and now I really like the stripes. Go figure. I can’t wait until my new bottles of seche vite come in the mail. My nails are already chipping and that doesn’t happen with a fresh bottle. I also bought a bottle of seche restore. So that I’m able to combine bottles together and then restore it and then I would get a new fresh bottle! I also want to try the out the door top coat. I first tried seche vite last October and fell in love with it. I loved doing my nails but I would get so frustrated with sheet marks the next day or I’d smudge trying to do something. It didn’t matter how long I’d wait either. I would do them on my day off and give them like five hours to dry and I would smudge them if I had a dark color or lots of coats. Once I got the seche, I was able to do my nails more often. I started buying a ton more colors. I’ve probably bought a hundred bottles or more in past 12 months. I’ve gotten into nail art now. I want to get a better light for when I’m doing them. Because right now, the colors are hard to see with the light I have now. The lights are better in the bathrooms but the unused bathroom is dirty now from J’s brother and so I’m not going to use it for my nails like I did last year. I told J when we move I want a table just to do my nails at.

I need to stop writing I suppose and get ready for bed.

*patchwork design idea from here:


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