Stupid dog.

Omg. The dog just nearly hurt me. It would have been bad. I took him out like I always do. I had my iPad in my hand like I always do. And I was trying to clip the chain to his collar like I always do. But apparently there’s a big animal in the bushes and it moved and caught his attention. Which is what was going on last night when J was trying to bring him inside. But tonight the animal was stirring when the dog was still in my hand. So he almost got away and almost pulled me with him. He was pulling so hard and luckily I was able to dig my heels into the ground to keep him from pulling me to the ground and/or getting away. Then I was trying to get the chain off the ground and he kept pulling. I dropped the iPad on the ground so that I could use both hands better. Because of everything that was happening the chain was on e ground between my feet. And I clipped his chain finally and he knew that and was pulling even harder now to get to the animal. But I couldn’t let him go because he was going to run and the chain would catch on my foot and trip me or the chain would go up and cut my skin. It happened before, I had a gash behind my knee from the chain. So anyways. I kept trying to step over the chain while still holding onto him and he was making it very difficult. I finally was able to get myself safely onto the correct side and I let him go. And off he went trying to catch the animal. No idea what it is. But it’s pretty big because it is able to shake the huge pile of bushes it’s in. J was telling me about it earlier today. I was really nervous and scared for a few minutes because I kept thinking what will happen if the dog gets his way. Uuuggg.

Right now I’m sitting in my chair and….. He’s barking. It’s 1030pm, he shouldn’t be barking. He only started barking because a dog on the next block was barking. Ggrrr. I hate when dogs bark like that. Gotta go.

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