I’m so tired right now. I was tired last night while we were at the movies. It’s the tired feeling I used to get all the time. It went away after I started taking iron. But I stopped taking iron over the summer because my doctor said I didn’t need it anymore, that my iron level was actually really ugh and was way above the normal level. But he did say it wasn’t dangerously high. Buuuuut I want to start taking it again because… Fuck this. I hate being this tired. It’s so painful. I’ve been trying to take it every day the past month but I’ve forgotten a few times which sucks because it takes about 30 days to build it up in your system. I don’t know if it should make a difference to skip a day but it always seemed to effect me so I had been in the habit of taking it every day. And I had even put dates on all my pills (they come in sealed packages, that you have to open for each pill).

It was sunny today and my nail polish still wasn’t sparkly. Sigh. Luckily it is still a pretty color. And most of my studs are still on my nails. And the only reason why I did lose 5 of them was because I use glue as a base coat and sometimes the nail polish just peels off and that’s what happened yesterday. Lol, it was my right index finger and I repainted it but didn’t put the studs back on. So the rest of them are still on. And I want to buy more.

I’ll place an order tonight!

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