Yesterday I got all the stuff I ordered from the born pretty store. So far I am happy. I don’t know if I’m going to be happy with the holographic nail polish though. It wasn’t sparkly today but it also wasn’t very sunny so I’ll see. It also seems like it lost it’s sparkliness? I’ll give it a few more days and try it again before I write my review for it. I love the studs I bought though and I want to buy more now.

I hate driving at night. I just drove home from work in the dark and it sucked. And I still have to make 2 more trips in the darkness. I’m meeting J at the movies at 1030 to see the new Thor and then of course I have to drive home. Boo.

Okay well the dog is being a pain in the butt so I’m going to go and this will just have to be a short post.


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