Healthy drinks?

I think I’m going to pause on my Mountain Dew drinking. While we were in Orlando, I didn’t really drink that much. I had 3 20oz bottles of dew and they had all been opened and various amounts left in them*. I cleaned my car out today of all the bottles and the 3 dew bottles were still in the car. And I had brought them into the hotel and they were in the fridge there the whole time. But I also had water with me too and so I drank more water. I can’t remember if I had any Mountain Dew on Saturday or not. But I know I haven’t had Ny in the past 3 days!! I did drink a monster today though. I was really tired. But it’s easier for me to stop drinking monsters than it is for me to stop drinking the dew.

*i buy a drink once or twice a day but I never finish the bottles in a day. I might buy 2 dews or now 2 waters and then I just bring the bottles home and stick them in the fridge. I know most people either finish the bottle quickly or just throw the rest away at the end of the day. Nope not me though.

I think my meds are kicking in. Good niiiiiiight.


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