I paid my credit cards and student loans. I gave them all extra money. One credit cards payment was $28 and I gave $50. The other one was $97 and I gave them $135. I always try to give everyone a little extra so that I can get ahead but it’s been hard lately. I just also paid the cells and the electric too. Next paycheck will be rent and Internet then.

I hate having so much debt. If we can move somewhere cheaper next year and closer to home then maybe hopefully I can pay more towards everything. The last few years my goal has been to pay off my hospital bill and my CO credit card. It’s not working like I want it too though. I’ve been getting more hours at work lately so at least my paychecks have increased a little bit.

And I still owe my dad several hundred dollars too. Uuuuuggggg. I gotta figure this out. I used to be so good at paying everything off and then…. Everything has just spiraled out of control. I was paying something every month towards one of my hospital bills but I think I’ve only sent them $65 this year. Maybe I’ll send them a little this week then.

Hulk angry. Hulk smash. Gggggrrrrrr. Okay. Shower time and food time.

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