It’s Saturday!!

It is my day off. J has to close though. Boo. But that also means I’ll get more stuff done during that time. I usually get my bursts of energy later in the evening anyways. We both open tomorrow so that’s good and we’re going to go see baby M after work. Don’t know if he’s at home yet or not. I also am hoping today to sit down at the computer and upload the pictures I took of baby M on his first day in the world. There’s a newborn onesie at target I want to buy. It’s orange and it says aunties sweet treat and it has a candy corn in the word treat. I loved it because it said aunties. I’ve never seen something that says anything about aunts or uncles so I was pretty excited by it. there’s the link for it. Maybe I’ll go to target then today so that I can hopefully still get it. I have a long list of things we need to buy too so maybe I can just get all that done today. J doesn’t like shopping for the boring stuff like draino and a case of water. He wants to go shopping for entertainment stuff. Maybe I can also go to kohls and other places too. It’ll depend too if someone will want to use my car or not. I want to also work on sending pictures to Walgreens to be printed.

My moms been in the ER twice in the past week. First she had a migraine and my brother was talking to her and she was confused and still in pain so he called 911. Her mother had migraines and ended up with 2 brain tumors and one of them was inoperable, she ended up in a coma and then passing away so everyone worries about that now with my mom and her migraines. She has medicine to take if she feels one starting but that day she didn’t know she was getting one. They released her a few hours later. At the time she said it felt like her eyeball was going to pop out of her head and the migraine is gone now but her eye still feels like that. On Wednesday she talked to her eye doctor and she told her to go to the ER bc it’s signs of a brain aneurysm. They did an angiogram but it didn’t show anything. They said it might be clogged arteries but it ended up that they’re just narrow but the blood flow is fine. She went back home the next day and saw her eye doctor. The doctor is ordering tests for something to do with her eye’s optic nerve? I’m not exactly sure. But she goes back on Monday. And the reason why she even has an eye doctor is because she had surgery done on both of her eyes a few years ago. She had cataracts removed from both eyes and a torn retina in one eye.

There is pizza in the fridge that I’m really looking forward to. Dominos pan pizza is pretty good. And it’s awesome when it’s done right. Which has been the case lately. I guess they know us now? It seems like we get our pizza now really quickly. They have that thing that tells you every step they’re doing and yesterday it said it was out for delivery at 7:05 and then our doorbell rang at 7:15. We even had the dog in another room in time too.

I placed an order on the born pretty store last night. It was just under $30 and I bought a bottle of nail polish, some nail studs, a set of brushes with one dotting tool, two iPhone 4 cases and 3 .99 mystery bags. I was reading the reviews and they were good. People said they liked what they got. And a lot of them said they got nail striping tape in theirs so hopefully I’ll get some too. Oh and I also bought some star nail decals. Shipping is free and I used a 10% discount code so I’m glad everything was under $30. I had more stuff on there but I deleted stuff because I wanted to try to keep it under $30. Oh and I also am getting a box that has 12 round containers for holding nail decorations. Like glitter or the studs I bought. That’s my biggest thing with all the nail stuff I own, I don’t know how to store it all. I’m getting a lot of stuff for $30. Lol. I love it.

Makes me want to do more online shopping today. But I have to pay some bills first and then see how much money I have left over. I think I need to pay everything this weekend. School loans, credit cards, cell phone and… That might be it.

I suppose I should finally get out of bed.


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