Healthy drinks?

I think I’m going to pause on my Mountain Dew drinking. While we were in Orlando, I didn’t really drink that much. I had 3 20oz bottles of dew and they had all been opened and various amounts left in them*. I cleaned my car out today of all the bottles and the 3 dew bottles were still in the car. And I had brought them into the hotel and they were in the fridge there the whole time. But I also had water with me too and so I drank more water. I can’t remember if I had any Mountain Dew on Saturday or not. But I know I haven’t had Ny in the past 3 days!! I did drink a monster today though. I was really tired. But it’s easier for me to stop drinking monsters than it is for me to stop drinking the dew.

*i buy a drink once or twice a day but I never finish the bottles in a day. I might buy 2 dews or now 2 waters and then I just bring the bottles home and stick them in the fridge. I know most people either finish the bottle quickly or just throw the rest away at the end of the day. Nope not me though.

I think my meds are kicking in. Good niiiiiiight.




Everything now fits into the gray mini filing cabinet and I have room to spare. And I now have all the empty containers to use for other things.

Nail polish…

The colors I bought are:


Snow Me White
Girl’s Best Friend
Gold Tinsel
Island Coral
Hey You
Holiday Rebel
Silver Belle
Fly Away
Sugar Sugar
Tinsel Town
Blue Steel
Pink Icicles
Unwrap Me
Purple Heart
Pine Away

Loreal The True Diamond
Sally Hansen Pearly Whites

I’m returning Loreal After Hours and Sally Hansen Sparkling Water.

My patchwork nails!!!!

I used this tutorial (patchwork nails tutorial) to create the look I have. I first had the orange, white and purple on all 10 nails but the left hand nails looked horrible because of the black stitches, the black polish was getting thick on the brush and it’s a thin brush for nail art. So my stitches looked horrible. I ended up redoing them but this time I did Hulk colors. I should have done a darker green and the purple is the right shade but the black stitches blend in so I might use a lighter purple next time. I really like this look and want to try other colors.

I also have bought 10 bottles of nail polish that don’t have glitter in them superficially for doing nail art. Sinful had a sale last week so I stocked up. They were 99 cents. I bought the 10 bottles of non glitters at my store on Wednesday and then I went to my doctors appointment on Thursday and there’s a Walgreens next door so I went there. Had my prescription filled and went shopping for more nail polish. I bought 20 bottles there. Well 19 bottles and 1 nail art pen. But I have to return 3 bottles. The original white I had bought because it’s way too thick. Then the other 2 I’m returning because I only bought them because I thought they would be 50% off the second ones. And they weren’t. When I return those 3, I’ll get $10 back. Lol. The two were five dollars each! That’s about my limit for how much I’ll spend on polish. I see so many colors online I want to order but they’re too expensive for me. Like $10 each and more.

I need to go work on laundry and eat my pizza. I’ll be back later today with a post on what colors I did buy and then what my nail polish storage is like. I’m excited to show the before and after!!