This is what we bought.

I’m not entirely happy with our choice, I just hope J and D like it. It’s not the one on their registry. And I just realized that the carseat that was bought is different than the one that is still on the registry. Also, babies r us doesn’t add stuff that you bought that isn’t on the registry whereas target does. So someone else could still buy them the stroller tomorrow not knowing that we bought it but also someone could have also bought them a stroller than isn’t on there. Oy! Are they going to end up with a bunch of strollers or carseats now?

All this registry talk makes me want to go update my wedding registries. I want to make the process much easier. I try to give people lots of choices.

I tried to get them a changing pad cover they wanted but babies r us was out of the one they chose. I could have picked something else out but she only had the one on there so I wanted to make sure to get her/them exactly what she asked for. Several things that I wanted to get wasn’t there.

Work has been so hectic lately. I wanted to cry at one point during my day. It was just so stressful doing the deliveries. I don’t mind busy but I don’t like it when things don’t go right. There has just been so many things going wrong.

Dinner was good though. We went to Red Robin.

Except that I ordered mozzarella sticks as an appetizer and they only do this “pick 2 for $7” thing now instead of having the choice of just 1 thing and so when I got them, I started eating and then kept eating and then my food got there and I still wasn’t done yet so I kept eating them and was thinking I am getting full and I still have my food to eat. And then I started thinking oh my god I’m never going to finish these, they’re never ending. So I was trying to eat them and my fries and just pick at my chicken tenders since I know those are good after you bring them home. Then I was too full to eat anymore food and I still had mozzarella sticks and then I started thinking what if they gave me two orders. We got the bill and sure enough “2 for $7” was on there.

No wonder why I was so full!!!! Next time that can just be my meal.

We had a good time even if our experience there wasn’t how it normally is. It was our conversations that made it a good time. Aaaaawwww I’m cheesy. I know.

Well I’m going to go shopping I guess. Or put things on my registry I guess. Lol


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