We bought our future nephew some stuff the other day and I wrapped what we’ve bought so far today. Tomorrow we’re going to babies r us and going to buy… Maybe the carseat cause J came home from work tonight and said that we didn’t have enough to buy the stroller. I knew that would happen. But I’m not exactly sure how the registry works in terms of returning stuff. The registry shows that the carseat was bought. But J’s sister said it was returned. So did babies r us not update the registry to reflect that or did someone else buy it??? And I’m hoping that we can walk around and take our time looking at stuff. We didn’t really do that on Sunday. But we also didn’t have the registry in our hand. J didn’t want to drive to babies r us on Sunday so I suggested we just buy a bunch of small stuff that equals to what we were going to spend on the carseat or stroller. He didn’t want to do that because he though that was what everyone else was doing. Well if they are, they haven’t bought stuff on the registry because only 8 things have been bought at Target and only from babies r us, the carseat (you know… The one that was returned).

I’m going to check it again and hopefully fall asleep soon.


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