PS to my nursery vs bedroom post.

A car seat that holds up to 65 lbs vs an infant car seat that is up to 35 lbs and is with a stroller. But it requires add ons? Not sure what I was reading. The stroller combo is almost $300 and the carseat by itself is $180? and the carseat should work until the baby is a toddler. We’re going to babies r us tomorrow after work. So we’ll see what they have and what is still needed on the registry. We wanted to get them the carseat since you have to have one when you leave the hospital. Then her mother in law bought it and she told us to get the stroller instead. So we decided to get the stroller. But the stroller has the carseat. She should have picked a different stroller out so that they don’t have two carseats. They only have one car so they don’t need two of them. But then on Saturday she told us that the mother in law returned the car seat and that we could buy it. I hope we buy the carseat and not the stroller. I would rather them be able to use the carseat for however many years it takes for the child to reach 65 pounds. I just noticed that someone I know has a carseat in her car and her son is 5 or 6 so yeah.

We also bought some clothing! And I’m excited to buy more tomorrow!! I picked out some really cute onesies. There’s a solid white one that has a gray starburst shaped thing on it and it says “New!”, then there’s a gray and white striped one and then the best one ever is white with little gray stars all over it. That’s the only reason why I bought it. I also picked out a fuzzy thing with robots all over it, pajamas? I have no idea what these things are called.

I should go…. I need to shower and start my day. At 4:18 pm. Yup. I’m off work today so it’s completely okay! Right? Lol. Then I’m going to start on cleaning stuff up. I have a lot of stuff I want to do in the bedroom because of the “bad word thing” from last night.


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