Nursery vs bedroom

If I ever have a baby, I won’t call their room a nursery. It will be their bedroom. And it will be their bedroom until the day they move out. None of this decorate a nursery then decorate it again when they’re 3, and then when they’re 6 move them into a different room and decorate it a completely different way. Just no. The bedroom will be painted a color that will be their color until their old enough to decide they want it changed. The decorations in the room will be stuff that can stay with them until they’re like 8. I would buy furniture that will get the most use of it. Like a crib that turns into a toddler bed. A dresser will be used as a changing table so that when they are out of diapers, it can just be a dresser then. I can’t think of other things off the top of my head. I just get so annoyed by how people buy stuff for the nursery and then get rid of everything and redo it all when they’re out of the crib and then do it again in a few more years. I know that there will be some furniture changes when they’re going from baby to toddler to kid but the paint color can stay the same like five years or more. The stuff on the walls can stay the same. If you’re smart, you’ll buy the furniture that will last you a longer time.

I need to go. I’m starting to get sleepy. Gggrrr.


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