Car problems.

I brought my car in for an oil change last Monday. And they told me I needed new tie rods and that it was $400 and I said… No. So then he shows me my tire and says look its wearing the tire out. I said…. No. I left with my car and everything was fine until Thursday when I was driving my car home from work. The transmission wasn’t shifting gears automatically. I got home and J drove it and said it was fine that I must have gotten it stuck in first gear or something. My car is an autostick so I can drive it as a stick shift or drive it as an automatic. I’ve never driven stick shift though. And he said if it happens again to come to a complete stop and put it in first gear and drive in manual mode. Well the problem happened again on Friday. But I couldn’t put it in first gear. It wouldn’t highlight the 1. When I move the gear shift thing from the D to 1 or 2, 3 or 4 it puts a box around whatever you’re in and at this point when it wasn’t working as an automatic it also wasn’t highlighting any of the numbers. My store manager drove it on Friday and said to search for why won’t “my car” shift into overdrive and it said it could be the transmission control module. Which is a computer that controls the transmission. J’s brother and I took my car to a mechanic that he had taken a car to before that had a similar problem to mine, on a car similar to mine and that it was about $150 to fix. Well they said that the computer test thing said it might be the transmission control module but that they wouldn’t know for sure until they got in there and the quote they gave me for that was $1400. $400 for labor and a thousand dollars for the computer thing. A THOUSAND DOLLARS. I looked it up again and found it online for $200 and that its located on top of the engine compartment so it’s not hard to get to so I figured I’d order the part online and have a friend help me install it. I found a few companies that sell them and I started reading reviews about them and they were all horrible!!!! There was one good one who said it might be because the people installing them aren’t mechanics and aren’t doing it right, that they could be frying the computer out within seconds of plugging it in whereas he the mr know it all said he’s never had a problem with the ones he’s ordered from one of the companies I wanted to order from. So now I don’t know what to do. So I have two different estimates for my car from two different companies and the total is $1800 and my dad put in 840 earlier this year and then I went and got an alignment done after that. I’m not happy about the thought of sinking $3000 into a car in 12 months. I don’t know what to do. I found something at work that is a form for requesting a company car and I fit one of the criteria. But a corporate or Vice President of corporate or something has to sign it before mailing it off. So hhhmmmm, I have to figure out who I know….

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