31 day challenges.

People all over the Internet world participate in various challenges. Last year I did a photo challenge in June. I made up the challenges. Some of the nail polish bloggers I read do a nail art challenge every year. It’s 31 days and usually between September and November. This year it started on September 1st and every year they all use the same challenges and I’ve never seen it change. It’s always the same 31. I wish someone would come up with some new challenges for this. If I was any good at nail art, I would do this. Also one of them says “inspired by a color” and it seems like everyone always questions this. They don’t know what it’s supposed to mean and they’re really confused since the first 10 days are colors. Day 1 is red, day 2 is orange and so on and so on. My question is…. If they all don’t like it, why don’t they change it? No one says they have to keep it exactly the same. I don’t even think anyone knows who first started this. It just seems like it’s confusing by so many bloggers and I’m honestly tired of seeing that one and seeing that everyone is confused by it. There aren’t any that are about seasons and so I think they could add one about seasons in its place. “Inspired by your favorite season” or “nail art relating to the current season”. That way, they could do them 4 times a year and that one would actually end up having different themes each time even though it would be the same challenge.

Maybe I will come up with my own nail art challenge even though I’ll never participate in it. Lol

I’ve been working on laundry all day. I also did a bunch of other stuff too. I changed out the litter box litter. I put a new light bulb in the closet. J had taken the old one out a few days ago and was like, there’s no light bulb to go in there, so my work is done. I told him I had bought light bulbs already and that I had already told him that. He said well it’s not in the closet, so yup my work is done. I told him where they were at which is the same place the light bulbs have been in since we first moved into this house. It’s been a few days since that conversation and I was tired of a dark closet. So I got the step ladder out of the garage and cleaned it off then I put in a light bulb.

What else did I do? I cleaned up the dog poop in the house and took the dog out twice. I actually put away all the laundry I’ve done today. I know I did more stuff today but can’t remember what.

So back to the 31 day challenge thing. I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be starting one on Tuesday. Mine will be on cleaning and/or organizing. Every day of October I will do at least one thing relating to this. It might be small like emptying a bathroom trash can or it might be big like clean out the garage or it could be several different things in one day like laundry, dishes and litter box on a day off. But no matter what I do for the day, I plan on posting about it daily and I’ll try to take a picture of what I’ve done.

I’m sure people will find this all boring but I’m doing this for myself so it’s okay. Lol


Favorite things swap.

One of the blogs I read mentioned in a post today about doing a swap through Instagram. And I guess people are doing swaps through Instagram. Well they start on Instagram and end with everyone buying stuff (or making stuff I guess if that’s what the swap is about) and then mailing it to another person. I used to do these about…. Oh geez. 10 years ago??? Man oh man do I feel old.

I used to read and post on Usenet message boards in the late 90s and early 2000s. And one of the ones I read was a goth fashion board and they would do swaps all the time. Let’s see how many I can remember… There was a glow in the dark one (I think I even started/hosted this one?), bath items, .99 cent store and favorite animal. I think I did more than 4 but can’t remember the other ones. The glow in the dark one was my favorite one! I sent such cool stuff too.

Sometimes you would get a partner and mail to them directly. Other times you would send everything to the host’s house and then the host would mail everything out.

There was also a stationery swap and I think I did the Halloween swap one year. I’m trying to find a post now.

Here’s what I got in the Gitd swap. https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!searchin/alt.gothic.fashion/Gitd$20swap/alt.gothic.fashion/b6FZe7xr2-A

Here’s what I sent someone in the favorite animal swap: https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!search/Swap$20velvetfrogg$20animal/alt.gothic.fashion/7Zi8Y0UdigM I wish I had pictures of the pillows. They were pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I should sleep soon.

So yeah, I was doing swaps over 10 years ago. And now people are doing them through Instagram. I’m tempted to check it out and possibly join. Not sure how they decide if someone is trust worthy to join the swap or not.

They use #favthingsswap.

I’m being OCD.

I don’t like it. Sometimes I am okay and other times I have to do everything a specific way and I obsess over it being a specific way. Like just now I looked for a specific pen to use. It wasn’t in my pen container by my bed. I had to have that pen. I was like eh, I just won’t write a post it note for myself. I knew where the pen was and I didn’t want to get up. And since I had to have that pen, I tried to tell myself to not write the note, I can get the pen tomorrow. But I already had the thought of THAT pen in my head and so I had to get up and get it. I got the pen and came back in the bedroom. And I didn’t write my post it note. I was okay with not writing it. I could let that go. But I couldn’t let go of the thought of getting up and getting that specific pen tonight. I had to do it.

There are just certain days where that happens. I’m not that OCD all the time or about everything. It always changes too. It’s never the same thing. Like the next time my OCD day is here, I could have the same thoughts about the pen but might be able to not get it. And I could end up being OCD about writing the post it not. It’s sort of an annoying thing.

I’m also pretty anxious about my doctor appointment on the 9th. I want to see my X-rays. I want to know if my hip was X-ray’d at all and if so, does it show my hip being out of place. The more and more I think about how my left hip stuck out further than the right, the more and more it reminds me of my elbow sticking out of as far as it did. It reminds me of that day. I was 12 years old and that was over 15 years ago and yet there is so much about that day that I remember.

I don’t feel like typing on the iPad anymore. Good night world.


That video made me happy.

I’m going to try to post every day in October. And I’m planning on cleaning something everyday of the month so my posts will be about what cleaning project I tackled.

Some days it might just be I did a load of towels. Other days it might a long list of things I did. Oh and cleaning includes organizing too. I have a few areas I want to organize. I’ll try to take before and after photos too and post them.

For now, I need to go shower for work.

Baby shower was good.

We didn’t play the any of the baby shower games that are typically played at baby showers. We didn’t even play the DC comic deck building game and they had been practicing with J even. Then my J brought The Lord of the Rings deck building game.

Baby shower was great.
Gifts received was awesome.
She loved the two little tank tops I got here.
I got her two cards. One for M and one for the parents. The one I wrote in for M made her cry. I told her I was sorry and I didn’t mean to make her cry. Lol it was a good cry of course.

Okay. It was time for me to go to sleep. I have five hours to sleep and hopefully tomorrow at work I can finish my two boxes underneath the flaps. I just hope that R gives me time to do that. And I’ll be still be feeling a little effect of my pill and I work better if I can just go over there and count or put thing away the orders I have there. And I need to order an order too now that inventory will be over on Monday.

Good night.

This is what we bought.


I’m not entirely happy with our choice, I just hope J and D like it. It’s not the one on their registry. And I just realized that the carseat that was bought is different than the one that is still on the registry. Also, babies r us doesn’t add stuff that you bought that isn’t on the registry whereas target does. So someone else could still buy them the stroller tomorrow not knowing that we bought it but also someone could have also bought them a stroller than isn’t on there. Oy! Are they going to end up with a bunch of strollers or carseats now?

All this registry talk makes me want to go update my wedding registries. I want to make the process much easier. I try to give people lots of choices.

I tried to get them a changing pad cover they wanted but babies r us was out of the one they chose. I could have picked something else out but she only had the one on there so I wanted to make sure to get her/them exactly what she asked for. Several things that I wanted to get wasn’t there.

Work has been so hectic lately. I wanted to cry at one point during my day. It was just so stressful doing the deliveries. I don’t mind busy but I don’t like it when things don’t go right. There has just been so many things going wrong.

Dinner was good though. We went to Red Robin.

Except that I ordered mozzarella sticks as an appetizer and they only do this “pick 2 for $7” thing now instead of having the choice of just 1 thing and so when I got them, I started eating and then kept eating and then my food got there and I still wasn’t done yet so I kept eating them and was thinking I am getting full and I still have my food to eat. And then I started thinking oh my god I’m never going to finish these, they’re never ending. So I was trying to eat them and my fries and just pick at my chicken tenders since I know those are good after you bring them home. Then I was too full to eat anymore food and I still had mozzarella sticks and then I started thinking what if they gave me two orders. We got the bill and sure enough “2 for $7” was on there.

No wonder why I was so full!!!! Next time that can just be my meal.

We had a good time even if our experience there wasn’t how it normally is. It was our conversations that made it a good time. Aaaaawwww I’m cheesy. I know.

Well I’m going to go shopping I guess. Or put things on my registry I guess. Lol


We bought our future nephew some stuff the other day and I wrapped what we’ve bought so far today. Tomorrow we’re going to babies r us and going to buy… Maybe the carseat cause J came home from work tonight and said that we didn’t have enough to buy the stroller. I knew that would happen. But I’m not exactly sure how the registry works in terms of returning stuff. The registry shows that the carseat was bought. But J’s sister said it was returned. So did babies r us not update the registry to reflect that or did someone else buy it??? And I’m hoping that we can walk around and take our time looking at stuff. We didn’t really do that on Sunday. But we also didn’t have the registry in our hand. J didn’t want to drive to babies r us on Sunday so I suggested we just buy a bunch of small stuff that equals to what we were going to spend on the carseat or stroller. He didn’t want to do that because he though that was what everyone else was doing. Well if they are, they haven’t bought stuff on the registry because only 8 things have been bought at Target and only from babies r us, the carseat (you know… The one that was returned).

I’m going to check it again and hopefully fall asleep soon.