Yup, I’ve been MIA everywhere in the blogging world. I’ve been dealing with an allergic reaction to a plant for the past few weeks. I had to get Kreasy out of the bushes again but I was covered in sap but didn’t realize it? thwart her that it was on my clothes. I sat in bed with the clothes eventually I dressed in shorts and a tshirt to go to sleep. Then 2 days later, an itchy rash showed up. It was on my wrist, arm, leg and stomach. Oh and I had an Andrea on my neck but that cleared up. Everything else just got a worse and worse. I went to a doctor twice for it. Monday though I got a steroid shot and abother prescription for oral steroids. Plus an antibiotic prescription. I was scratching so hard that I was breaking the skin and was worried about infections. My wrist was already swollen. So it’s been two full days since I spent and everything seems to be clearing up finally. 

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