My mom’s store.

So if anyone reads this, you should check out my mom’s shop. She’s been making a bunch of cute bags and pouches.


Oatmeal cookie chunk.

I am so exhausted today. I worked 11-6 and never took a break or a lunch today. I am so sore and I hope I’m better by tomorrow. I will write a long post tomorrow about what’s been going on. I promise it will be long and boring and full of details you never wanted to know. ImageImageImageImageImage


Yup, I’ve been MIA everywhere in the blogging world. I’ve been dealing with an allergic reaction to a plant for the past few weeks. I had to get Kreasy out of the bushes again but I was covered in sap but didn’t realize it? thwart her that it was on my clothes. I sat in bed with the clothes eventually I dressed in shorts and a tshirt to go to sleep. Then 2 days later, an itchy rash showed up. It was on my wrist, arm, leg and stomach. Oh and I had an Andrea on my neck but that cleared up. Everything else just got a worse and worse. I went to a doctor twice for it. Monday though I got a steroid shot and abother prescription for oral steroids. Plus an antibiotic prescription. I was scratching so hard that I was breaking the skin and was worried about infections. My wrist was already swollen. So it’s been two full days since I spent and everything seems to be clearing up finally. 

New blog?

I really wish WordPress was easy to use to write a post but I have problems with everything. I’m going to start using blogger now and see how that works. I had a started a blog there last year and was going to use it for wedding stuff. But now I’ll use it for life posts. I’ll have to update my user info I believe. The URL there is

Go check it out!!