Nail polish.

I’ve bought some new nail polish colors in the last few weeks. Mostly sinful colors. I bought 4 sinfuls yesterday and 3 wet n wilds. I also bought 4 sinfuls during the last sale. I bought high strung (used it), cream pink (I told J to buy me two when he worked one day and he had an employee pick 2 out, these were the 2 she picked), why not? and sail la vie (also used it). I used high strung about 4 weeks ago and had hard candy’s black tie optional on top and everyone loved it and so many people asked me about it and complimented me on it. I had it on for 3 weeks and it only started chipping after about 2 weeks. Gotta love seche vite. I wore this during the week J had his surgery which is why it took me so long to redo it. The day of his surgery, when he was in recovery and one of the nurses was telling me stuff about taking him home she stopped to ask about my nails and tell me she loved it. Later on when we got home, we had so many things to say about our experience with the surgery center and we were both like WHY WAS THE NURSE STOPPING DURING THIS IMPORTANT CHAT TO TALK ABOUT MY NAILS! And he was still stoned from the surgery pain meds that everything he was saying was pretty comical so when he was talking about it he was saying stuff in a funny voice which made me laugh during this. And I was surprised he had been awake for the nail part of the convo because I had looked over at him and he had his eyes closed. I told him I was sorry, haha, and he was like its not YOUR fault.

So anyway, where was I? Nail polish! Last night I bought Glimmer, Opening Night, Lets Meet and Tidal Wave, all sinful colors. I just put Gimmer on tonight and it is just like Forget Not. I thought it would look different but it doesn’t, it just goes on easier, is less sheer and doesn’t need as many coats. I had sail la vie on for about 4-5 days and didn’t like it at first. I had my favorite top coat ever on top and once I got in the sun and saw the blue in the sun with the holographic glitter, I was in love. And I thought I did an amazing job with my nails. But no one complimented me on them this week. Oh well. So I put glimmer on tonight and then decided it needed something else on top (this is always the case) and I went with stars. But they’re so hard to get out of the bottle. It took me an hour I think to get them out and onto my nails. I love the finished look but I will never do that again.

I put a few clear top coats on top with seche vite and they seem dry right now but I’m still really nervous about messing them up since it is so thick and I know that the stars can catch in something and get messed up. In 2000, I had bought some random bottle of teal stars at a clothing store in Clewiston, FL and I looooooooved those stars. They were a pain in the butt then and I didn’t even know anything about nail polish then. I remember how careful I always was the day I did my nails and how I would mess them up and get so mad. I can remember telling my dad oh I just did my nails, gotta be careful or just did my nails, can you get me whatever item I needed at the time. I still think those stars were easier to do then these stars and I think that if I had those stars with seche vite, that my life would be so wonderful. Lol.

I was looking at the polishes I have that are lighter shades of blue and realized that sinful’s tidal wave is too similar to sugar rush and both are similar to Cinderella except they don’t have glass flecks in them.

So we have fleas really bad right now and it’s so annoying. We haven’t been able to get rid of them for about 2 months now. We put flea medicine on both pets but both kinds were the cheap brands. I know the dog one is e generic version of front line but I’m not sure if the cat one is. I think it is though. I also have an even cheaper kind of cat flea medicine. We had 4 cats at one time so I was always buying flea medicine for cats and would use two kinds in the same month since the packs come in 3 and I would need a 2nd pack. So I would get two kinds and then I would use 3 of 1 pack and 1 of the other or I would do 2 and 2. But now we have 1 cat. I can tell that the fleas were effected but I couldn’t get rid of them fully. I used to be able to put the medicine on everyone a day or so apart so that everyone’s month was different and that way I knew if I couldn’t put medicine on them on time then at least someone else’s medicine was still in effect. It seemed to work well that way. But maybe now with just 2 pets, it’s not working that way. It also doesn’t help that Kreasy freaks out completely when we put medicine on him and so I don’t think I ever can put all of it on him. I want to try getting name brands for them this month and see if it works better. I gotta do something, this is driving me nuts. I really wanted to get Program for them, especially Kreasy but its not being made anymore. So much sadness. Okay, I want to keep writing but I need to get ready for bed, I have to work at 8am tomorrow.

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