That is me! The doggy woke me up at 830 and I took him out. He finished rather quickly but got his chain stuck in the bushes so I had to go get him out. I got all scratched up. Boooo. I still have scratches from the last time.
On Sunday evening I worked on trimming the grass/weeds from around the front sideway. It was getting so overgrown and the weeds were starting to grow ON the sidewalk. So I also had to remove piles of dirt. But it looks so much better. I’ll try to post a before and after picture. I did it because it was hard for J to walk on it with his crutches, the crutches would catch on something and he would stumble. Now it’s much much much safer for him. Of course the whole yard is overgrown and needs to be mowed but we don’t have a lawnmower so yeah…. Someone else has to do it.

I worked 11-630 yesterday. I was an hour late because of J’s physical therapy. So I stayed late by a half hour and I’ll make up the other half hour today after work. I like staying later instead of coming in early because it benefits it me more. If I go in at 130 I wouldn’t be able to start deliveries sooner. The deliveries are hardly even ready at 2. But some days deliveries take 2-3 hours and then I stay past 6 finishing everything up at the store and then have to cut my hours later. So yes, it’s better to stay late.

But I would rather get off work before 6 anyways everyday but that will never happen. Next week I work 11-7 on Monday and Friday. Monday is bc J’s PT will make me late again but there’s no need for it on Friday.

Okay, it’s sleep time. Hopefully it works.

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