1 week down!!!!

Only 5 more to go. He’s doing great, he can bend his knee to 90° already which the PT Saudis awesome.
I worked 2-11 last night and I was so sore by the end of my shift. I almost dislocated my left ankle last night I think. Or would have twisted it really bad. I was squatting and trying to face products on the bottom shelf. And I turned my body to try to get something on my right and my shoes stayed in place and I was trying to twist and bend my ankles and it hurt. I stopped before something bad happened. They were both sore after that too. I almost did the same thing with my shoulder a few weeks ago. And last night. I’m going to have to be extra careful from now on I guess. It seems like I am stressing my joints more now and they’re all loose so they can dislocate easily. My PT in 2011 told me several times, I need to be careful and to always wear my ankle brace because I’m likely to dislocate one of my ankles,because of how they bend.

So today I’m going to wear my ankle brace. Or try to at least. I only work 4 hours today. I should go get ready for work.

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