Movies. Movies. Movies.

Resident Evil (But I don’t know which one off the top of my head. But it was made in the last 3 years).
Shawshank Redemption.
The Amazing Spider-Man.
Pippi Longstocking.
Captain America.
Speed Racer.
Scott Pilgrim.
Lake Placid. Which was in the wrong case. I thought we were going to watch Good Luck Chuck but when I opened the case, Chuck wasn’t in there and Lake Placid was. So we watched that.

Sigh. Amazon to the rescue though. I have a mile long list of things I want to buy from Amazon.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go online shopping. We’ll see.

I worked 2-630 today. I had 2 prescriptions that I dropped off when I got there and when I was almost done with worked, I was like so um, what’d you guys do with my scripts because I never got a text they’re done and they weren’t in the work queue and so they found them filed. So someone filed them and didn’t fill them. A little annoying.

I’m not really in a typing mood.


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