Trying word press app again.

Day 7. We’ve watched all 8 of the movies. And we’re going to start the twilight movies this weekend. I’m also ordering all 7 books for J and I to share and read. I get to read first since I’ve never read them before. Haha. He used to have them but I don’t know what happened when he was moving everything he owns around a bunch of times before going to my apartment in 2010.

Tomorrow (today really) is his knee surgery. I will be tired tomorrow for sure. I’m waking up at 545 to get ready because the surgery is at 645. I’m nervous. I’ll admit I’m scared and nervous. This is all new to us. Tomorrow I want us to take a picture of us before surgery. Lol.

Good night world. I’ll be back later on today with updates if there’s anyone that is curious about that.

I love you J. Good luck.


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