Day 1 over.

We went to Lake Placid and saw my uncle and aunt. Yay. Talked to my dad. Then we came home and lit some leftover fireworks we’ve had for 2 years. I really need to buy some new sneakers. The ones I have now are ready to fall apart. I’ll have to look online and see what’s out there. I’m off work for 12 days. What am I going to do for the next 11 days?? J is off work for 7 weeks. He’s going to get so bored. I know the 11th, 12th and 15th are going to be filled with driving around to dr appointments and stuff like that but all the other days, no idea. I might go to my dad’s Saturday to Monday. I already have my schedule for the week I go back to work. I’m closing on that Thursday. I HATE CLOSING. Oh well. Hopefully it’s not like that after that week. I don’t mind if it doesn’t keep happening but in the past it’ll keep happening until I say something about it. So annoying. Well I’m going to go sit with J and read my book.

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