Every month I make a small list of goals I want to to work on. So far every month “read two books” is on the list and so far it’s the only thing I can usually cross off the list. haha. Last month I was able to cross off “get blood work done”. I’m not sure what’s on my list this month yet though. Eat healthier and exercise more is on there. Yesterday I ate an apple, banana and raisins before work and only drank water all day. Then at work we ordered pizza and so of course I ate pizza. I ate 3 slices. Went home eventually and ate 2 more slices and then had oreos and milk. OY! It was a good start and I could have skipped eating anything in the beginning of my day or had other not so good choices. Today I had a banana already. I was going to have pizza but I decided I’ll wait and have it for dinner. J is working tonight so I’ll be eating dinner alone. We only have 2 more days until we’re off work for our vacation. WOOOOOOOOOOO. I paid the rent last night and gotta figure out what else should be paid with this paycheck and what’s going to come out of the next one. Oh the joys of being an adult. I should finish getting ready for work and figure out what else I’m going to eat.

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