I worked my usual Sunday shift. I only took my medicine before work so then 8 hours later when I was off work I was in PAAAAAAAAIN. If/when I remember to take it in the middle of my shift, I’m usually fine (as fine as I can be haha) and you’d think I’d learn my lesson. I had blood work on Tuesday to check my iron levels and other stuff. I need to call my doctor and reschedule my appt for a day before the tenth. I hope the blood work shows something for why I’m so painfully tired again. It hurts when it happens and I have to close my eyes and rest for a bit. 

We had an awesome weekend. Friday we went to Post Charltote and played mini golf there. Then we went to DQ and I had an Oreo blizzard. Yummy. Saturday was just grocery shopping. We bought lots of healthy foods and sort of healthy foods. Bananas, oranges, apples, raisins, blueberry muffins (I’m not sure how healthy people considers these but it’s healthier than my usual breakfast of apple toaster strudels), grapes, water, I also got toaster strudels haha, bread, potatoes, milk for the potatoes, butter, cheese. For the cheese, he got slices and I got cheese sticks. For the bread we each got the kind of bread we like. We bought other stuff, I don’t remember what though. Today we went to the movies and saw White House Down. It was a really good movie.

We’re so addicted to the game Ruzzle. My mom plays too so that’s awesome.

I neeeeeeeeeed to find flea medicine for the dog that won’t make him freak out on me. I can’t put it on him by myself because he won’t go near me and if I try to trick him, he fights so hard when I’m holding his collar that I’m afraid he’ll break my hand. Then when J holds him/his collar, he still fights but I can put most of the medicine on him but then I worry he’ll get it in his eyes and I always get it on my hands. Program, the oral flea medicine I’ve used for years with cats isn’t available anymore for cats or dogs. Speaking of cats I miss my cats so much.





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