Tumblr is annoying.

I read this blog: http://blakleygoesblogging.tumblr.com/ and I wanted to comment on the post where she mentioned low iron. I couldn’t so I went to the ask me anything thing. Well there my options were anoymously or log in to tumblr. I don’t have a tumblr. Then tried to say hey I’m not really posting anoymously on purpose, here’s who I am and put in my blog url. Then I typed and it only lets you type so many charecters so I ran out of room and had to go back and edit. I said what I wanted to say and went to post well then it said I can’t post a URL so I had to fix that and I said I’m velvetfrogg on wordpress. TUMBLR IS ANNOYING AS SHIT.

So YEAH. The low iron thing. A simple blood test can check to see if someone has low iron. A person can be anemic or just above it and have low iron. That’s me. I have low iron but not low enough to be anemic. Low iron is really common in women who are still getting their periods since you lose iron in blood. I don’t eat red meat so yeah, low iron. I was always 115-125 pounds then I gained weight and got up to 170 pounds. OMG. But once I went to a doctor and had the blood test I started taking an iron supplement every day and the difference is amazing. I have lost 40 pounds since October 2011.Low iron causes you to be tired and I was always tired. I would wake up tired. I would come home from work exhausted and every day I HAD to take a nap and they were like 3 hour naps. Taking an iron supplement takes about 30 days to see positive results. Eventually I did see results. I stopped being tired and having to take a nap every day. Changed my life! Like seriously, I dealt with being tired for about 10 years or more. I was in high school still when I started taking naps every day and that continued until I was 29. My weight started going down then and I’ve lost 40 pounds or so since then and everyone asks me how I have lost the weight. I don’t have a real answer because I didn’t change my diet or start exercising or anything. But taking the iron increased my energy levels so by being awake more on a daily basis allows my body to burn more calories and I think I kicked my metabolism back into high gear.

But you can overdose on iron so always talk to a doctor before taking an iron supplement and get the blood test done to make sure. A regular multivitamin has about 8mg of iron I think and the one I take has 47.5 mg so yeah, if you just started taking that but didn’t really need that much you could overdose and that isn’t something you want to do. It’s dangerous! But trust me, it’s something worth looking into if you have any of the symptoms.

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