I talked to my dad on my way home from work today. It was a good phone call. I just commented on one of the nail blogs that I read. She’s in the UK and always mentions shopping at Boots and/or that certain products can be bought there. So I commented just now that I had seen that Sinful Colors are now in Boots stores and asked her if she has been lucky to see any. I also went blah blah blah about the partnership of Boots and Walgreens. I am overly excited about it and what it means. A global pharmacy is an amazing idea. We’re going to be carrying some of the brands made by Boots sometime this year and I’m wondering if they’ll be carrying some of our brands too. I’m also excited about the prospect of everything being connected. So if someone is traveling overseas will they be able to walk into a Boots and have their Walgreens pharmacy records accessed? Or vice versa. Will employees be able to get employee discount at either store and/or website? I’m sure employee discount on the websites will happen first. There are Boots in Canada so I’m sure we’d be connected first. Then I wonder if employees will be able to transfer to a Boots if they wanted to move out of the country. The possibilities with this partnership is amazing to me.

I’m a geek, I know.

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