My etsy purchase.

My etsy purchase.

These are my items. The two on the left are the free samples and the four on the right are the ones I purchased.

Why is it an annoying task putting pictures on here? I can’t put a picture in a post with the app and when I choose the photo option on safari I can only put one picture up. I want to put multiple pictures up at a time. I want to sprinkle photos throughout a post. I’ve got to figure this out.


WordPress app!

I just downloaded the WordPress app. Yay. I need to start writing here more often. It’s my day off today. I needed to call my doctor and I didn’t. Oops. Maybe tomorrow before work. I work 11-6. It’s my hallmark day too. Yay.

Beatlejuice is still gone. Sad about that but I just try to nothin, about it. I got my etsy order in the mail today. Yay yay yay!!! The dog freaks out if I go anywhere near him with the tube I got for him. I guess he thinks I’m trying to put flea medicine on him. Boo. I like the lip balm, don’t know yet how it’ll work on the healing aspect. (Obviously, just got it today haha). But if it at least helps keep them mosturized so they don’t peel that’ll be awesome. And it’s not just a pain that they chap, I have to take it a step further and peel the skin off making my lips bleed and they swell a little and then it just looks like I got punched in the mouth. I guess it’s something I do when I’m anxious? But if they’re not chapped, then I don’t have anything to peel. I’ve used the inhaler a few times and we’ll see how it works. I wanted it to see if it’d help with anxiety. Or help me calm down when I need to calm down. She sent a free sample of soap(bar) and a hand salve. I’m not a fan of bar soap anymore because of my rings, the rings get chunks of soap in them which is annoying. I don’t have anything against it otherwise. But I’ll definelty try it out or keep it in a guest bathroom on a little dish. I don’t know if I’ll use the hand salve but I guess the next time I use acetone on my nails I can use it after that and see how it works.

Oh! I forgot I bought an anti blemish stick. When I get a pimple, I’ll post about the product then. I really like products in tube and solid forms(aside from soap haha). I just bought a little thing of sunscreen a few weeks ago simply bc it came like that. I also had a tube of solid perfume when I was younger and loved it because of that. So I looked up solid perfume on etsy and there’s a whole bunch on there. There’s one seller that has scents similar to popular famous brands of perfumes and they’re only $1.50 each so tomorrow after work, I’ll pick out what I want and make another purchase on etsy.

I think I’m going to start working on my save the dates, maybe on Saturday and place an order sometime in June. I’m just going to settle down and decide on when the wedding will be (2014) and commit to it. Even if we don’t own a house, even if I’ve done nothing to plan a wedding, I want us to still get married on that date. We’ll just go to the courthouse instead. Though I really don’t want to get married in a courthouse.

I painted my nails. I’m not happy with the color choices. Boo. But I’ll leave it on there a few days. I need to get up! I gotta turn the dryer on again and show J the stuff I got today.


I’m going to paint my nails tonight. I’ve been wearing just a top coat for about a week now and that has got to change. I broke a pinky nail the other day and it’s really super short whereas all of my other nails are long, even my thumb nails have a little past the finger. I keep having to trim the thumb nails short because they snag and tear and I’m trying to grow them out. GGRRR. Soooo all my nails were nice and long (except for the thumbs) but now I have a really short pinky nail, it broke so short that the nail ends where my finger ends. So when I have nails that short, I don’t like to use dark colors because I feel that it makes the short stubby nails stand out more. So now I gotta pick out something pale and light. I’m going to go with Sinful Color’s Candy Coated and try Sally Hansen’s Glass Slipper on top.

I just realized that Sunday and Monday the post office isn’t open.

So I was so excited for my Etsy order and was thinking of how soon it might get here. Then I uumm… realized that.. um… Monday is a holiday and I ordered on a Saturday so it won’t even be shipped out until Tuesday at the earliest. So sad. Still excited but wished I had found the shop sooner and maybe placed my order on like Thursday or Friday so that maybe it could get here Tuesday or Wednesday… But nooo…. stupid holiday! Ok, so the holiday’s meaning isn’t stupid.

Time for sleep now though.

Honeymoon planning.

We want to go to Europe for our honeymoon and I want to start finding what countries and what castles we’re going to visit. I want to start saving for this. I don’t want to plan a wedding or save for a wedding, I just want to plan an awesome honeymoon. lol. First step in all this? Getting a new passport because I had to report my first passport as stolen and now if I ever get it back (highly unlikely) it’s been invalidated so I couldn’t ever get it again.

Plus… you have to pay again for it. $10 for the photo. $125 I think for a passport. SUCKS SO MUCH.

My hands are shaky.

I’m twitching or something right now. I don’t know why but my hands are shaky. I don’t feel weak from lack of food but that’s usually why my hands shake. But when that happens, I feel it all over and it’s annoying.

I stumbled upon this Etsy shop today:

I just made an order of 4 things. An antiblemish stick, an aromatherapy inhaler (the stress relief one), a dog healing salve and a healing lip balm. They’re all organic products! I’m so excited. My aunt sent me a $25 check and I spent $26.49 on my 4 things and that includes shipping so it’s an awesome deal too. I’ll post photos and a review when I get them and use them.

If I like the products I’ll be ordering some of their stuff for gifts. They have some baby products and I know two people who are expecting some little ones in their life. J’s sister is pregnant and then my best friend from 4th grade to high school is pregnant. She lives in Delaware so I want to be able to send her some small gifts and the CosmoVerde items would be perfect for shipping to her and I know she would really enjoy the fact that it’s all organic stuff. She has a dog too so I’ll send her something for the doggy too. I’m excited about my purchase, can you tell? hahaha.

We have some “new” furniture. It’s a year old and J’s store manager gave it to us but I’m excited about it! It’s a couch and loveset with a matching ottoman. Then there’s a coffee table and 2 end tables. And there’s a 55 inch TV. It’s one of the older ones that are big boxes but it’s still a big screen TV and is bigger than the one I’m using right now. We just need to hook it up though. lol.

Let’s see… What else is going on in my life? I don’t think I have anything else I want to write about right now. Maybe later in the day. lol.