The boys played volleyball tonight. The usual people were all there. I sat around and talked and read my book. Ok, so there was more reading than talking for me. Once a bookworm, always a bookworm. I finished reading Come Home and it was really good. It’s by Lisa Scottoline. It’s the second book I’ve read by her. And I want more. More books and more books by her. I must go see what I can find on amazon now.

I am trying to do laundry. But our dryer takes forever to dry clothes so it takes me forever to finish our laundry which really means I never finish the laundry. So annoying.

I painted my nails today! yay. I did Sally Hansen Black and Blue as the base color and Sally Hansen Glass Slipper on top and then Seche Vite to dry everything quickly. Which I love because then I can go and finish the laundry. Or pretend to finish the laundry.

I work tomorrow morning. 8-330. I like and hate working Sunday mornings.

Tonight was prom and so we saw all these girls in prom dresses and we had to talk about their dresses of course. Their color choices and their style choices.

Ok, time to go do something else…


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